intarsia woodworking project plansCartoon Intarsia Patterns by Garnet Hall.
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Cartoon Intarsia Patterns

Intarsia Pattern Categories:

Pattern Name Photo
Skill Level Pieces Size  (inches)  Price (Can$) Add to Cart
3 Little Bears 3 Little Bears INT 32 each 13 X 8 8.95
Swinging Bear Swinging Bear INT 50 8 X 23 8.95
Clown Clown ADV 78 14 X 20.5 8.95
Let's Play Ball Let ADV 59 15.5 X 16 8.95
Boss Hog Boss Hog ADV 58 11 X 23.5 8.95
Bookworm Bookworm INT 36 10.5 X 15 8.95
Puttin' on the Ritz Puttin on the Ritz INT 50 20 X 14 8.95
Spring Flowers INT 89 17 X 14 8.95
Her Own Pony ADV 80 18 X 18 8.95
Stork Stork BEG 32 17 X 14 8.95
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Other Intarsia Pattern Categories:
Dogs & Cats Exotic Animals Forest Animals Horses & Cattle Bird Patterns
Vehicles Seafaring First Nations Old West Sports
Practical Decorative Christmas / Religious New Patterns Fantasy
woodworking project plans intarsia patterns woodworking project plans

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