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Intarsia by Garnet Hall

Intarsia Designs by Garnet HallWe are pretty much settled into our acreage here, on the out skirts of Estevan, Saskatchewan. We bought 10 acres of dirt and rocks. So I named it "Rocky Top". After 10 years of planting grass and trees it's starting to look like something. A lot of trees committed suicide but I just kept planting more.

I still have a few bee hives. It always seems like a miracle when I pop the lid on a honey super and it's full. Still find it hard to believe a bunch of insects could do all that. Honey prices are going up so it could be a good source of extra income for retirement.

Tried a few craft sales this year back to the basics so to speak. Been over 25 years since attending a craft sale as a vendor. The market has changed. More and more people shopping online. Pinterest has really shaped what people sell, less originality. Not sure where this will go.

But it will be a challenge to sell hand-made craft in this market.

I am still working on new Intarsia patterns and hope to do more scrolling patterns.

woodworking project plans intarsia patterns woodworking project plans
intarsia woodworking patterns

Original Intarsia Designs

The patterns are all my own original designs and come full size so there's no enlarging to do. They are printed on top quality rag Vellum. Vellum is also stronger than other translucent paper like tissue paper and onion skin paper, so your patterns last longer. This also makes it easy to see the wood grain . The patterns are marked with wood shades and species suggestions. These are only my suggestions, feel free to use your imagination and create your own unique project. Pieces that are to be lowered or raised are also marked. Every pattern comes with instructions and hints where necessary.

If you have any questions when working on one of my patterns don't hesitate to contact me.

Stop by one of the wood shows and say hello. Bring pictures of your work!

woodworking project plans intarsia patterns woodworking project plans

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