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Mirror Imaging Drums

Mirror Imaging Technique Drums
Mirror Imaging Technique Drums

The M.I.T. Drums and this technique allow anyone with minimal woodworking experience to create very tight fitting Inlay or Intarsia projects. If you ever wanted to inlay a design into a piece of furniture or floor, this technique will allow you to do it and get professional results every time. Unlike Marquetry, the designs can be up to one inch thick.

The tools are simple and easy to master. All you need is a Scroll Saw, a Drill Press and the Mirror Imaging drums.

This solid brass drum with top quality abrasive is a Life Time Tool!

See below for more information.

woodworking project plans intarsia patterns woodworking project plans
intarsia woodworking patterns

Mirror Imaging Technique

Inlay example of MIT

The MIRROR IMAGING TECHNIQUE isn't complicated and can be mastered by anyone who enjoys the challenge of a new woodworking technique. I will give a"Readers Digest" explanation here.

First of all, you don't need a bunch of new tools. All you need is a scroll saw, drill press, and some MIT drums. You can start with just one, but a set of three sizes will give you a lot more versatility. The abrasive on the drums is very durable as long as it's kept clean with a belt cleaner. The steps are as follows:

  1. attach the pattern to the template material. Gluing laminate to 1/4 in. plywood makes the best template material. The laminate provides a hard surface for the MIT bearing to run on.

  2. cut out the pattern using a small blade. The smaller the blade the better pieces will fit. A #1 -double tooth or even a #0-regular tooth blade is adequate.

  3. trace the template pieces onto the wood you choose or the pattern suggests. Use a sharp pencil held at a 45-degree angle to insure an accurate trace.

  4. Cut the pieces out. Cut them a bit big, by cutting just outside the line. You will soon learn that accurate cutting will save you a lot of time later on.

  5. attach the template pieces to their matching wood piece, with double-sided tape. Make sure the wood is proud of the template on all sides.

  6. with a MIT drum chucked into a drill press, adjust the table so the bearing is running on the laminate. The abrasive on the drum should be in complete contact with the project wood.

  7. now just follow the template, removing the excess wood. By starting with a coarse drum the material is removed in a hurry with minimal effort. By switching to finer grits, you will get a tighter fit. Repeat this with every piece. I think you will be amazed at how nicely the pieces will fit.

From this point on it's a normal Intarsia project or inlay project. Complete as you usually would.

See below for more information.

woodworking project plans intarsia patterns woodworking project plans
intarsia woodworking patterns

MIT Drums

MIT DrumA word about the drums:

They are made of solid Brass and the sleeves are a top quality abrasive material. The sleeves come in different grits and can be replaced easily. They are a life time tool. Priced in the range of top quality Router Bits.

The drums come in variety of sizes and Grits. They are made from quality material and will fit any drill press. The grits are easy to change and/or replace.

Complicated geometric designs are fun and easy to make, because everything goes together so nicely. Not having to fight the tools makes the whole process enjoyable and the results satisfying. Its always fun to learn a new woodworking technique.

And remember you can never have ENOUGH TOOLS!

Sorry, online ordering is currently unavailable on this product.
For more information please contact Garnet.

woodworking project plans intarsia patterns woodworking project plans

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